Caudill Seed Can Provide You With Premium Products For Beautification, Construction Projects

Those lush green fields, awe-inspiring golf courses and blossoming gardens didn’t always look so amazing. It took time to cultivate them from mere seeds. It also took patience to keep tending to the land until it grew into a final product that all could appreciate the beauty of. At Caudill Seed Company, we’ve been involved with such projects since 1947 when founder Forrest Caudill launched a venture that could meet the needs of the agribusiness industry. More than six decades later, the company continues to play a vital role in landscaping, agricultural, construction projects and more.

No matter what industry you’re in or the purpose of your large-scale project, Caudill Seed can help you get the right items that will yield the best results. For example, investing in turf grasses is one of the best ways for property owners or landscapers to transform an area with sub-par greenery into a truly beautiful lot. That means office parks, sports facilities, mixed-use business sites and other buildings with land that requires a top-grade appearance can benefit from the products offered by Caudill Seed. To that end, the company offers blends of seeds that will get you the exact results you want as well as proprietary seed products that are bred in-house. For farms that need to look after livestock, Caudill’s feed ingredients contain premium products and sell as well as our pet food and bird seed offerings. If you’re in need of landscaping assistance for projects that carry a considerable amount of weight — such as construction efforts or erosion remediation — there are plenty of products available to make the life of any contractor much easier. That means DOT-approved seed mixes, fertilizers, field markers, striping paint, fences, bricks and more can be easily purchased and put to use at your job site. Not sure which will work best? Give the trained staff at Caudill a call and we’ll help you determine the best purchases possible.

Caudill Seed has been in the business for a long time and learned a lot in those six-plus decades. Whether the company is updating its product line to carry the newest and most effective items or affiliating itself with other industry leaders, you can bet that Caudill Seed is going to have what you need and a lot of tips to go with it.