Caudill Seed Reviews How Ice Melt Works

As one of the largest ice melt distributors in the United States, Caudill Seed would be considered by many to be an expert on the matter.

The distribution of Caudill Seed ice melt products is particularly important during the winter months when building managers and service contractors in many areas of the country are gearing up for snow and ice storms. But when it comes to melting ice, there are several different products and types of salt that can be used.

Caudill Seed offers the following Ice Melting Products:

  • Bag Salt
  • Bulk Salt
  • Calcium Chloride Flake
  • Calcium Chloride Pellets
  • Magnesium Chloride Pellets
  • ComboTherm
  • Remove Ice Melt
  • Knox Brand Ice Melt
  • Morton Pro Grade Ice Melt

To delve deeper into how some of these ice melting products actually get the job done, Caudill Seed is here to review how ice melt works.

Sodium Chloride (rock salt): Although this is the most commonly used form of ice melt, sodium chloride, better known as rock salt, has limited effectiveness once the temperature dips below a certain point. Rock salt will not melt ice if it is colder than 20 degrees outside. And while rock salt doesn’t cause a chemical reaction when it meets concrete, it is corrosive to steel and other metals. This type of ice melt product can damage lawns and other vegetation if it is not spread properly.

Calcium Chloride: Initially in liquid form, calcium chloride is converted into pellets by removing the water. It absorbs moisture quickly and works in extremely low temperatures, even down to minus-25 degrees. This is one of the more costly forms of ice melt because of its effectiveness. However, calcium chloride can damage lawns and other vegetation if it is not spread properly.

Magnesium Chloride: Magnesium chloride has many of the same features and effects as calcium chloride, however, it is considered a much safer alternative when it comes to damaging vegetation.

All of these ice melt products work by attracting moisture, which then forms a liquid that generates heat and melts the ice. The ice melt product itself has to be touching the pavement to be effective, which is why they tend to work better as preventative measures.

Applying ice melt to your pavement before snow and ice begin to accumulate is the most effective way to use these products and will make snow and ice removal much easier by speeding up the melting process.

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