The Importance of Commercial Ice Melt and Commercial Ice Removal

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As one of the largest ice melt distributors in the United States, Caudill Seed understands the importance of commercial ice melt and commercial ice removal during the snowy and icy winter months. To help share why this product and service is so crucial for keeping our roads safe during snow storms, Caudill Seed is here to discuss commercial ice melt and commercial ice removal.

When it comes to being a serious contractor in areas of the country that typically get snow, Caudill Seed knows commercial ice melt is a must. Rock salt can be good for residential purposes but it’s not always going to do the trick in commercial settings. When snow is followed by extremely cold temperatures, it can take something that can cut through the ice in order to make a road or parking lot less slick.

This is where having a company like Caudill Seed supply contractors with ice melt comes in handy. Contractors can purchase ice melt in bulk and know they’re prepared for the whole winter.

There are types of ice melts called “hot melts” and they are some of the most effective on the market. What makes a hot melt unique is that is it exothermic, meaning it creates its own energy instead of needing heat to melt the ice. This allows hot melt to work in extremely low temperatures, making it one of the most effective solutions to commercial ice removal.

Although ice melt is more effective, it is also more expensive. Therefore, don’t expect rock salt to disappear any time soon. The affordability of rock salt in bulk still makes it a go-to for contractors that deal in commercial ice removal. Many times when temperatures dip below a certain temperature contractors will use a blend of 80 percent rock salt and 20 percent ice melt to save on costs. The ice melt will start the melting process and then the rock salt can finish the job.

Seasoned commercial contractors that specialize in snow and ice removal already know how important it is to have a solid supply of ice melt, rock salt and other ice melting products. Caudill Seed is proud to help distribute these items to contractors across the country so that our roads and parking lots can remain safe. Here is a list of all the ice melting products Caudill Seed offers:

  • Bag Salt
  • Bulk Salt
  • Calcium Chloride Flake
  • Calcium Chloride Pellets
  • Magnesium Chloride Pellets
  • ComboTherm
  • Remove Ice Melt
  • Knox Brand Ice Melt
  • Morton Pro Grade Ice Melt


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