Spring Lawn Care Tips from Caudill Seed

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Spring has finally arrived! We’ve seen the last of the snow and are ready for some sun. But for most of us, our lawns are likely still showing the effects of the winter weather.

Luckily, Caudill Seed is here to share with you some tips on how you can restore your lawn to its lush, healthy look. Caudill Seed is an agricultural specialist that understands the ins and outs of proper lawn care and Caudill Seed would like to help others achieve healthy, green lawns this spring.

To get your lawn looking like winter never even happened, follow these spring lawn care tips from Caudill Seed.

Light Raking: The first step you’ll want to take in your spring lawn prep is to give your grass a light raking. This will remove matted grass, also known as thatch, and remove snow mold by fluffing up the grass so air and sunlight can reach the soil.

Seed: Seed the areas of your lawn where the grass is either dead or thin. You’re going to want to get these areas seeded as soon as possible because these are the spots where weeds like to form first.

Test Soil: You’ll want to have your soil’s PH levels tested in the spring. The soil could be missing crucial nutrients or have a poor PH level, which will affect your lawn’s health and aesthetics. Search for nurseries or lawn care companies in your area that will collect soil samples from you or you can look in stores or online for do-it-yourself soil testing kits.

Fertilize: Be sure to fertilize your lawn early. If you didn’t fertilize in mid to late fall, your lawn is likely hungry for it. Fertilizing in the spring impacts soil above and below ground and facilitates healthy spring growth.

Make first cut short: When you cut your lawn for the first time in the spring, you’ll want to keep it short, about an inch to an inch-and-a-half. This is good to do when the grass is first starting to grow because it will do away with some of the dead grass or thatch that is left over from the fall. Cutting the grass short initially will also help sunlight warm up the soil faster, which facilitates better growth.

Caudill Seed urges everyone to take the time to properly prep their lawn this spring. A little bit of effort now can save you a ton of maintenance throughout the summer and fall. Be sure to visit this blog again soon for more lawn care tips from Caudill Seed.

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